Test Page

  1. Text Display
  2. Basic Layout Page
  3. Test of Alignment Techniques
  4. Test of Headings & Borders
  5. Test of Two Column Pages
  6. Test of Three Column Pages
  7. List of Colors
  8. List of Fonts
  9. Test of Tables
  10. Test of Boxes
  11. Margin Test
  12. Margin & Padding Set
  13. Finished Test
  14. Displaying Images on a Page
  15. Video Clip Test Page

Line breaks and paragraphs

A blank line is automatically added after all headers.

This line has a big gap in middle which is ignored by the browser.

Here is a single sentence where I added a line break tag right x
here. Notice it drops down a line but there is no skipped line.

These two following two lines are separated by a paragraph tag.

Then this is the second line. The paragraph tag caused a blank line to be added.